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Rubyric is an online tool that allows you to receive submissions, create assessment rubrics and annotate submissions with feedback. Rubrics make it easy to give comprehensive feedback to students by allowing you to reuse commonly occurring feedback phrases. However, the phrases can be freely edited in order to give fully personalized feedback for each student.


  • Create a form for receiving submissions.
  • Distribute submissions to reviewers.
  • Create assessment rubrics.
  • Annotate submissions with feedback.

Why rubrics

  • A rubric is an assessment template that defines the assessment criteria and describes what is required to reach each grade.
  • They help to ensure consistency when there are multiple reviewers.
  • They make it effortless to give comprehensive feedback. Because many students make similar mistakes, large parts of feedback can be constructed from prewritten feedback phrases.
  • It is also possible to use Rubyric as ordinary annotation tool without preparing a rubric.

Who's using Rubyric

  • So far, Rubyric has been used in over 50 courses
  • to assess 34,000 submissions from 7,000 students.

We respect your privacy

  • You are in control of your data.
    We do not store copies of students' submissions indefinitely or hand personal information over to third parties. Submissions and other personal data are deleted from our servers after the course has ended. You can download copies for archiving first, of course.
  • We are a Finnish company with servers located in Europe.

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